Sunday, October 26, 2014

RPG Stuff I've Done Recently - A List

4CS/FASERIP/Marvel Super Heroes

4CS Options - Getting FASERIPpy, Public Domain Style


Narcosa - The Death Kittens of Ulthar, The Electrum Key of Kardolf Randarr, Rust's Ring of Recall
Lamentations of the Flame Princess - PDF Bibliography



FATERIP - A Fate Core and Marvel Super Heroes Mashup RPG


Apotheosis Drive X - Neon Genesis Cybertron
Conan - Red Nails - Adventure Scenario
Eric John Stark - Black Amazon of Mars and Enchantress of Venus

Fight Fire - For Marcus Lucinius Crassus the Richest Man in Rome
Marvel Superheroes - Cthulhu Rising

Fate Accelerated The Muppet Show - Can you do as good a job as Kermit?


Classic AD&D Character Creation

Classic Call of Cthulhu Character Creation 
Classic Runequest Character Creation
Classic Traveller Character Creation - Rolling up a possibly dead one.
Modesty Blaise - With Willie Garvin, of course
The Mummy 
Skills and Approaches - Converting Between 


A Game of Thrones and Dunes - A Lost Fremen Legion ends up on Westeros 
Blake's 7 - On the run from the evil Federation - are you expendable?
Burn Notice - Low rent ex-spies get in trouble with their mums.
FAE Dark Is Rising - Youthful Light side stops evil.  Mortal or immortal.
The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey - International crimefighting, Danis style
Edison Rex - Lex Luthor analogue must save the world with his Superman analogue dead.
Omnis Mundi - Tasmania
NCIS - Investigating Dead Naval Personnel.  Who might be criminals.  Or spies.  Or both.
Roozerball - Australian Rollerball Sequel
FAE Scooby Doo - Those Meddling Kids in their Mystery Machine
Strike Back - shooting things up for a secret black ops unit.

Fate Accelerated Football - Statis Pro Football Inspiration

Galaxy Generation - Universe creation at a more macro level.


Traveller Characters - Basic Careers for more Professions compiled
Traveller Character Professions - A compiled list with notes


Pongida - Wereapes for the World of Darkness