Friday, December 20, 2013

Random Wizard Interview - Steve Perrin

"RW: You have put out a new ruleset "Steve Perrin's Quest Rules". SPQR. Can you give the readers a little synopsis of what SPQR is like? Will fans of the original RuneQuest game find the system to their liking? Are there any refinements you have done over the years to streamline the rules? Or, perhaps, to cover more situations that old rules were lacking?

SP: If fans of RQ are gaga over strike ranks they aren't going to like SPQR. I tossed the concept. The version we did in RQ3 was too cumbersome and I just decided simpler was better. I also have a different way of determining special hits and the person who gets a special hit gets to choose the effect rather than roll dice. I figured it was skill that determines the critical, so the skill user should get to choose the effect. I have also eliminated a lot of the "two times" and "half effect" rules that just make a game with linear results go crazy. Otherwise, it is very similar, as it is intended to be.  Actually, I need to rewrite the first chapter (which I offer free on my website) because I came up with yet another way to measure success that I figured out while I was doing the Black 9 Ops rules."

4.5 out of 5