Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Complete History and Evolution of Superhero 2044 - Donald Saxman

The original game idea was actually very different from the final product. My first idea was to use a 1930s American Depression setting, complete with Zeppelins, Nazi supervillains, vintage aliens, and weird science. At the time I was transitioning from my "John Carter is the best" to my "Doc Savage is the best" period.

After some playtesting, I switched from the past to the future. Now the tone I was trying for was "Legion of Superheroes." In fact, in the back of my mind, I was thinking of a series of future-based role playing games, including "Ruin War 90" set in a post-nuclear war world, then "Armor 20" set thirty years later and describing a world of tank-driving heroes and villains and their demons and "Asteroid 74" set in the asteroid belt and finally "The Hundred Suns" interstellar RPG. (As a side note, "Ruinwar 90" was also purchased by Gamescience and retitled to “Nuclear Survivors.”)"
5 out of 5