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FATE Classic Call of Cthulhu Character Creation

FATE Classic Call of Cthulhu Character Creation

Call of Cthulhu, Basic Roleplaying :- The free GORE rules you can get here: or here :-

To begin :-



They begin at +1, except for Sanity, which beings at the same level as Power.  See the end of this section for the ladder.  

For each of STR, CON, POW, DEX, APP, RES roll 8dF.  That is 4dF twice, added together.

For each of SIZ, INT and EDU roll 8dF and add 3.

Your beginning Sanity is equal to your POW.

Stress Boxes: 2/2

Physical: 3 if (CON + SIZ) = +1 or +2, 4 if (CON + SIZ) = +3 or higher
Mental: 3 if POW = +1 or +2, 4 if POW = +3 or higher
Five Aspects: High Concept, Trouble, and three others.


Call of Cthulhu characters are pretty normal people, so if using a pyramid, a lower one. A possibility is to use four 0 skills if wanting a broader range of academic skills than just using something like Lore.


When a character's Mental Stress is reduced to zero thanks to the Mythos or other disturbing events, make a sanity roll.  A failure means your Sanity goes down one.  The worse the event, the higher the opposing difficulty for the roll.  A character whose Sanity goes below -10 is now a truly insane NPC.

The loss of a Sanity rank may cause a mild insanity Consequence, depending on the roll.

The loss of multiple Sanity ranks in a very short period of time can cause a medium of severe sanity Consequence.

Milestones may increase a character's self worth enough to increase Sanity a rank.

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis may also be able to restore Sanity to a character.

Sanity failures can add Aspects to a character that will be used as normal.  Or as per Consequences.

Designing an Investigator, we get
++0+0+0-, 00-+++--, +00--0-+, +++--+0-, -00-+0--, 0+0+--+0

continuing, we have:
+0-+0+++, -0-0--++, 0-00--00

+4 Strength
-1 Constitution
+8 Size
+2 Intelligence
0 Power
+2 Dexterity
-2 Appearance
+1 Education
+2 Resources
0 Sanity

David Chen

Giant Australasian Detective
Too many Fishmen Cultists
Really good basketball player except for the badly healed leg
Anti-alien alliance member
Can't get mum and dad to retire

He is a senior police officer in Singapore, 2259.  The product of an Australian mother and Chinese father, the height and brawn inherited from his mother's family of basketball players have stood him in good stead in the rebuilding city.  Smart enough to recognise he wasn't pretty enough to move easily into the political class he has made enough connections to make life easier and is happy enough with the professional side of life.  Psionics and alien cultists and strange entities, however, a completely different story.

David's skills, as an example :-

+3 Contacts
+2 Athletics, Fight
+1 Notice, Shoot, Will

Stress 4/2


Number    Adjective
+9    Legendary Y (Shift Y)
+8    Legendary X (Shift X)
+7    Unearthly (Epic)
+6    Monstrous (Fantastic)
+5    Amazing (Superb)
+4    Incredible (Great)
+3    Remarkable (Good)
+2    Excellent (Fair)
+1    Good (Average)
+0    Typical (Mediocre)
-1    Poor
-2    Feeble (Terrible)
-3    Awful 0 (Shift 0)
-4    Dreadful
-5  Woeful
-6  Pathetic
-7  Abysmal