Thursday, November 14, 2013

FATE: Classic AD&D Character Creation

FATE Classic AD&D Character Creation

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, old school 1st Edition style.  I only ever played 2nd edition very very briefly.  Also you can get OSRIC here for those like me that don't have the original books anymore.

The basic skills are:


They begin at +1.  See the end of this section for the ladder.  For each, roll 8dF.  That is 4dF twice, added together.  Add the result to +1 to get your skill rank.

Five Mandatory Aspects: High Concept, Trouble, Race, Class and Alignment


Resources -2
Level +1


Choose a race aspect from the list :

There are minimum and maximum skill requirements:




Stunts: Delverspeak, Goblin Bash, Goblin Speak, Infravision, Offputting, Short and Missable, Short but Hardy, Shortspeak, Tough
Allowed classes/level limits: Assassin/9, Cleric/8, Fighter/7, Thief, Fighter/Thief


Stunts: Infravision, Not Tired, Quick, Secret Portal, Shortspeak, Surprise, String Hand, Sword Wielder, Weak
Allowed classes/level limits: Assassin/10, Cleric/7, Fighter/5, Magic User/9, Thief, Fighter/Magic User, Fighter/Thief, Magic User/Thief, Fighter/Magic User/Thief


Stunts: Dirt Creaturespeak, Engineering, Goblin Bash, Short and Missable, Short but Hardy, Shortspeak
Allowed classes/levels limits: Assassin/8, Cleric/7, Fighter/6, Illusionist/5, Thief, Fighter/Illusionist, Fighter/Thief

Half Elves

Stunts: Infravision, Not Tired, Secret Portal, Shortspeak
Allowed classes/level limits: Assassin/11, Cleric/5, Fighter/6, Magic User/6, Ranger/6, Thief, Cleric/Fighter, Cleric/Ranger, Cleric/Magic User, Fighter/Magic user, Fighter/Thief, Magic user/Thief, Cleric/Fighter/Magic user, Fighter/Magic user/Thief


Stunts: Infravision, Puny, Quick, Shooter, Short but Hardy, Shortspeak, Surprise
Allowed classes/level limits: Fighter, Druid, Thief, Fighter/Thief

Half Orcs

Stunts: Goblin Speak, Infravision, Mighty, Tough, Very Offputting
Allowed classes/level limits: Assassin/15, Cleric/4, Fighter/10, Thief/6, Cleric/Fighter, Cleric/Thief, Cleric/Assassin, Fighter/Thief, Fighter/Assassin


Garden variety monkey boys and girls have no restrictions or limits on anything, and no race stunts.


Choose one class aspect from the list, or multiclass as applicable by race.  If you qualify you can change classes at a milestone, keeping what you have and starting at Level +1 for the new class.  Your class determines your initial stress boxes.  
Constitution of +1 adds one Physical stress box.  Constitution of +3 adds another Physical stress boxes.
Will of +1 adds one Mental stress box.  Will of +3 adds another Mental stress box.


Assassination, Backstab, Disguise, Evil
Weapons: Choose three weapon skills at +1
Armour Limitation: Leather only (shields allowed)
Stress boxes: 2/2


Cleric Spells, Turn Undead
Weapons: Choose two blunt weapon skills at +1
Stress boxes: 2/2


Alignment Aspect: Neutral
Druid Speak, Druid Spells, Not So Hot
Weapons: Choose two skills at +1 from club, dagger, dart, hammer, oil, scimitar, sling, spear, staff
Armour Limitation: Leather only (wooden shields allowed)
Stress boxes: 2/2


Weapon Familiarity, Weapon Specialisation (optional)
Weapons: Choose four skills at +1
Stress boxes: 3/1


Illusionist Spells, Weapon Non-Familiarity
Weapons: Chose one skill from dagger, dart, oil, staff
Stress boxes: 1/3

Magic User

Spells, Weapon Non-Familiarity
Weapons: Chose one skill from dagger, dart, oil, staff
Stress boxes: 1/3


Alignment Aspect: Lawful Good
Cure Disease, Detect Evil, Lay On Hands, No Hoarding, Protection From Evil, Weapon Familarity
Weapons: Choose three skills at +1
Stress boxes: 3/1


Alert, Giant Bash, Goblin Bash, Good, Tracker, Weapon Familarity
Weapons: Choose three skills at +1
Stress boxes: 2/2


Backstab, Climb, Find Traps, Hide In Shadows, Move Quietly, Not Good, Open Locks, Pick Pockets, Read Languages, Thief Speak
Weapons: Choose two skills at +1 from club, dagger, dart, oil, sling, sword
Stress Physical/Mental: 2/2
Armour Limitation: Leather only


Alert - Gain +1 on any actions involving Surprise
Assassination - If surprising an opponent an assassin may make an opposed action to Take Out the opponent immediately if the Assassination action succeeds.
Backstab - Gain an extra +2 on attack actions from the rear and double the weapon damage
Climb - Gain +5 to climb Actions
Cure Disease - Like the Cleric spell, once per week
Delverspeak - Understand the speech of other short underground dwellers
Detect Evil - When concentrating only, up to 3 zones away
Dirt Creaturespeak - Communicate with burrowy aniamls
Disguise - Gain +7 on Disguise actions
Druid Speak - Speak the secret druidy language
Engineering - Gain +1 to relevant actions about stonework and construction
Evil - Must have an Evil Alignment Aspect
Find Traps - Gain +2 to detect devices of dastardly danger
Giant Bash - Gain +1 to Attack actions against giant type creatures
Goblin Bash - Gain +1 to Attack actions against goblin type creatures
Goblin Speak - Understand the speech of goblin type creatures
Good - Must have a Good Alignment Aspect
Hide In Shadows - Gain +2 to Stealth actions if shadows are available
Infravision - Sight is unimpaired in very low light conditions
Lay On Hands - Heal one minor consequence per day
Mighty - Gain +1 on Strength actions
Move Quietly - Gain +2 to Stealth
No Hoarding - Greed is bad and makes you an ex-Paladin
Not Tired - Gain +6 to defend against Sleep and Charm spells
Not So Hot - Gain +2 to defend against Fire and Lightning
Not So Tired - Gain +2 to defend against Sleep and Charm spells
Offputting - Penalty of -1 to Charisma actions
Very Offputting - Penalty of -2 to Charisma actions
Open Locks - Gain +4 on actions to open locks or disarm traps
Neutral - Must have a Neutral Alignment Aspect
Not Good - Must not have a Good Alignment Aspect
Pick Pockets - Gain +4 on actions to nick stuff from people
Protection From Evil - Automatic, in a one zone radius
Puny - Penalty of -1 to Strength actions
Quick - Gain +1 on Dexterity actions
Read Languages - A thief may have some idea what an unknown language is
Secret Portal - Ability to notice hidden openings without consciously looking.  Gain +1 to such actions when active searching.
Short and Missable - Gain +4 to defending against giant type creatures
Short but Hardy - Gain +4 to defending against magic and poison. Penalty of -2 to movement actions that require distance with speed.
Shortspeak - Goblin Speak and Delverspeak
String Hand - Gain +1 with a pulled bow
Shooter - Gain +3 with bows or slings
Surprise - Gain +1 to approach others with them unaware
Sword Wielder - Gain +1 with swords
Thief Speak - Speak the secret thiefy language
Tough - Gain +1 to Constitution actions
Tracker - Gain +6 on Rural tracking actions and +4 on Urban tracking actions
Turn Undead - With a successful Will action, they are made to run away
Unskilled Bash - Gain a bonus attack action against creatures with less than 3 stress boxes.
Weak - Penalty of -1 to Constitution actions
Weapon Familiarity - Penalty for using a non-familiar weapon is decreased by 2 ranks
Weapon Non-Familiarity - Penalty for using a non-familiar weapon is increased by 2 ranks
Weapon Specialisation - Use a proficiency slot to gain an extra attack every second round.  Must use a second weapon.  Use another for two a round.


Assume starting characters with no reason otherwise start with Resources -2 after acquiring the basic gear they need.


At milestones, characters would advance as per AD&D levels, gaining spells, shifts in combat as AC target numbers improve, special abilities for the non-standard classes, etc.  See your usual tomes for spell lists and abilities.

Example Character Sara

Rolls: -00+-+--, -000-++-, +-00+000, +-0-00+0, 00--0-+0, +00+-+-

With a high enough Constitution she can be a dwarf, but classwise, she is stuck in jobs she doesn't like, the fate of many.

Sara, beer goddess follower
Doesn't like drinking or fighting
Chaotic Good

STR -1
CON +2
WIS -1
CHA +1

Stress: 3/2

Stunts: Delverspeak, Golbin Bash, Goblin Speak, Infravision, Offputting, Short and Missable, Short but Hardy, Shortspeak, Tough, Cleric Spells, Turn Undead, Weapon Familiarity, Weapon Specialisation (optional)


Hammer +1, Dagger +1

Not liking to fight, so far she has only bothered to learn hammering and knifing by osmosis in taverns. Other slots open.


Religious focus is a small tankard.  Uses chainmail armour and a small shield.


Number    Adjective
+9    Legendary Y (Shift Y)
+8    Legendary X (Shift X)
+7    Unearthly (Epic)
+6    Monstrous (Fantastic)
+5    Amazing (Superb)
+4    Incredible (Great)
+3    Remarkable (Good)
+2    Excellent (Fair)
+1    Good (Average)
+0    Typical (Mediocre)
-1    Poor
-2    Feeble (Terrible)
-3    Awful 0 (Shift 0)
-4    Dreadful
-5  Woeful
-6  Pathetic
-7  Abysmal