Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cryptworld Crossover

The latest Chilly incarnation is now a generic style horror game...normal people vs monsters with the odd psychic power if qualified, statwise.  Plus guidelines for style of game, theme, etc.  Retains its charm and far less useless investigators than BRP style. :)
So, had to make one, and convert.

It would be excellent for Poltergeist: The Legacy...which probably two other people have watched, but is one of the few shows I have seen more than once.


Dewi Iskandar

Done with a PHD, recovering from the loss of a stillborn child and bored at home currently while her boyfriend works, her academic researches have turned a little darker.  What will Halloween bring?  [Vengeful spirits, GM thinks].

54 Strength
56 Dexterity
52 Agility
42 Personality
70 Willpower
56 Perception
50 Luck
28 Stamina

11 Wounds
05 Penetration Bonus

Skills - Specialist/Expert/Master +15/+30/+55

53 Unskilled Melee

78 Humanities
78 Language (Indonesian)
71 Mechanics
93 Social Sciences (Master)


Postgrad housewife couch potato
A stillborn child?
Because I'm bored, I'm dabbling

+4 Lore
+3 Crafts, Will
+2 Empathy, Notice, Rapport
+1 Contacts, Investigate, Deceive, Provoke

PS 2  MS 4  Refresh 3


Specialisation: Mechanics
Specialisation: Indonesia
Specialisation: Social Sciences


+2 Careful
+3 Clever
+1 Flashy
+2 Forceful
+0 Quick
+1 Sneaky