Friday, October 18, 2013

Unknown Armies Designers' Notes - John Tynes and Greg Stolze

GS: I think it was around this time that I got a bee in my bonnet about humans being the primary movers and shakers in UA. In most games, especially horror games, humans are kind of limp. They're not responsible for any of life's crap because they're not powerful enough to make it crappy. In Call of Cthulhu, people are cosmic accidents. True, so is everything else, but we're particularly small cosmic accidents. In the World of Darkness, things are smaller in scope but people are still either meal tickets or patsies. This is common enough in horror settings because powerlessness is horrifying. But responsibility can also be horrifying, and that was the tack we decided to take with UA. Think life's sucky? Well pal, you're the author of your own misfortunes. You did it. You can't foist this one off on some malevolent supernatural entity, because we're the malevolent supernatural entities. 4 out of 5