Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Johnny Alucard Interview - Kim Newman

"What was the journey from the story “Who Dares Wins: Anno Dracula 1980″ to the novel “Johnny Alucard” like? More than just a title change? Kim: The journey actually starts with the piece published in Steve Jones’ The Mammoth Book of Dracula as ‘Coppola’s Dracula’ – which I wrote before Dracula Cha Cha Cha. I can’t even remember now if I intended that as the seed of a book – it’s slightly different in tone from the first two Anno Dracula books – though it pretty clearly sets up the character who is the spine of the new book. I wrote two other novellas on the assumption that what I would end up with was a collection of Anno Dracula stories, but then found myself doing fill-in bits (Who Dares Wins was one of those) which made me envision the book more as a novel. My Professor Moriarty: The Hound of the d’Urbervilles has a similar structure – a series of individual adventures, but an overall, attenuated focus on one relationship that turns it into a novel. This was often a pattern for books which first appeared as magazine series or serials – though I suspect it has been impressed on me by the way long-form television works these days, with standalone and arc episodes and the notion of a season box set as an entity. Think of Johnny Alucard as Anno Dracula Season 4." 3.5 out of 5


Shannon Baker said...

It sounds like an interesting series. I will check it out

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