Monday, August 12, 2013

Khan of Mars 1-2 - Stephen Blackmoore

"“Khaaan!” Professor Khan loped down the Grand Hallway to the sound of Bulls- Eye’s voice. There was a tremendous crash, a splintering of wood, the sound of shattering glass. “Here,” the professor yelled. The adrenaline pumped through him, making him feel powerful, alive. The sound of jungle drums thundered in his ears. The great ape covered the distance quickly, his massive knuckles slamming into the marble floor like hammers, jungle blood thrumming in his ears. He doubled his efforts as he heard another crash. He sincerely hoped Bulls-Eye was all right. The Texan was a recent addi- tion to the Century Club and seemed to have little regard for his own safety. Khan wondered sometimes if he was suicidal, but the cowboy always seemed to come out of his many scrapes with nothing but bruises." 4 out of 5