Monday, July 22, 2013

Who Owns Cyberpunk? - James Patrick Kelly

"Origin Story In the beginning, nobody could decide what to call the Cyberpunks. Various names were proposed: Radical Hard SF, the Outlaw Technologists, the Eighties Wave, the Neuromantics, and the Mirrorshades Group. You can see the problem. For a movement to catch on, it needs a catchy name. In 1983, a writer named Bruce Bethke had published a story called “Cyberpunk” in the November issue of Amazing Stories. But although he can claim the original coinage, Bethke did not exercise his naming rights. Editor Gardner Dozois is generally credited with popularizing the term. Here he is, writing in 1985: “About the closest thing we have to a self-willed aesthetic school would be that group of writers, purveyors of bizarre, hard-edged, high-tech stuff, who have on occasion been referred to as ‘Cyberpunks’” (11)." 4 out of 5