Wednesday, July 24, 2013

CR Comic-Con 2013 Interview - Chris Roberson and Allison Baker

"ROBERSON: It's all of it. The mistake that a lot of traditional marketing people make is viewing twitter, say, as merely promotional. But instead it's a conversation where everyone speaks with the same volume regardless of their size. It's down to the people listening whether to pay attention or not. I mean, I guess you can pay to promote tweets, but I always just tag that as spam. SPURGEON: That seems very effective if you want people to hate your stuff. ROBERSON: I hate that stuff. We're on twitter constantly. We can promote the stuff but also interact with the readers; creators can interact with the readers... BAKER: It humanizes everything. We're creating a relationship with the readership. We're all people, and a lot of time people forget that corporations, that's all made up of a bunch of people and personalities. On the most basic level we're all just people. When you humanize something, I think it becomes more powerful. " 5 out of 5