Monday, June 24, 2013

INTERVIEW: On Writing and THE CRASH - Guy Haley

"KC: Your rather timely new novel, Crash, features The Market, an all seeing, all knowing entity that rules all, and the promise of freedom in space for a small group of people. Ok, I’m hooked! Tell me more!! GH: It’s not so much about the Market, which is the semi-autonomous global stock exchange of the future in the book. I think that was seized on quite early for publicity, at a time when even I wasn’t sure what the book was about. Rather, the backdrop of Crash concerns the entrenchment of the current class of global super-rich, for whom the Market is the primary tool of enrichment, and their transformation into a de facto plutocracy. But I suppose thematically it’s really “about” hierarchies in human societies, and persistence – of families, of wealth, of cultures, of power, and of, even, the species. The story, however, is about a colony effort that goes horribly wrong for reasons that are slowly revealed in the novel. I love stories about against-the-odds human survival on far flung worlds, about broken generation ships, all that stuff. " 4 out of 5