Monday, June 24, 2013

Hex-based Campaign Design Part 1 - Erin D. Smale

"In my quest for rapid campaign development, I came across an elegant idea called Six sided gaming: Hex magic on Greywulf’s Microlite d20 site. Subtitled “the lazy gamer’s guide to world building,” Six sided gaming suggests launching your campaign with an adventure in a single hex, then placing adventures in each of the six surrounding hexes, assigning hex terrain and encounters to match the adventures you’ve chosen. As the campaign grows, you simply populate the next “ring” of surrounding hexes, and so on and so on. Defining the campaign by its adventures—instead of the other way round—is a great time-saver and perfect for the busy GM. With Greywulf’s kind permission, I’ve expanded the concept into a slightly different approach, but with the same time-saving goal. In Part 1 of Hex-based Campaign Design, we’ll start with a hex map and its terrain. - See more at:" 4.5 out of 5