Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Random Wizard Interview - Douglas Niles

"RW: You designed BATTLESYSTEM, you worked on the Companion Set Warmachine rules, you wrote (with Steve Winter) the Star Frontiers Knight Hawks game (spaceship combat). It seemed like, in the mid 80s, that TSR made a push to offer a lot of wargame like material for its role playing games. Was there a deliberate effort to combine wargame elements with RPGs by TSR, or did it just occur by happenstance? Do you have a personal favourite set of wargame rules? Do you feel that today's market has changed, and trying to combine roleplaying games with a wargame system is a think of the past? DN: I think part of it was that a lot of us RPG designers at TSR were war gamers at heart. I think SPI at its height represent the golden age of board wargaming, and was proud to be able to do some design work for SPI after TSR acquired it. My favorite tactical war-game rules are the brilliant Napoleonic rules for WELLINGTON'S VICTORY, followed closely by the TERRIBLE SWIFT SWORD and other American Civil War Battles rules. May I immodestly claim that my favorite strategic war game rules are my own design, WORLD WAR TWO ETO, that I still play occasionally today. I was able to design WW2-ETO to be the exact kind of game I liked to play myself, and I think it turned out pretty good--though it needed the second edition to really bring it home." 4 out of 5 http://randomwizard.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/douglas-niles-interview.html