Wednesday, May 15, 2013

nterview: on Kickstarting LADY SABRE - Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett and Eric Newsom

"MSG: That’s a great lead-in to the big question: Why Kickstarter? Why not go to an indie publisher? GR: There were for me two really crucial things. First, web comics are very community driven. We live and die on the basis of having a readership that will visit us twice a week or once a month, or once every three months. But whatever it is, they’ll come to us and participate. Part of what we’ve all enjoyed and what’s mattered to us is working with that community, so when we began discussing the trade, it was very organic for us to say that this would be a community project. The community should be able to be involved, and if at all possible, it would be a great way to grow that community. So that was one. And then, for me speaking personally, I’ve been writing comics for fifteen years now. I’ve remained deliberately ignorant of what goes on beyond a certain point in the production of the book. The printing distribution aspects of the profession are ones I know very little about. This was an extraordinary opportunity for me to learn just how the sausage is made. In so doing, hopefully it will make me a better writer — understanding what is required once you have your story and art, and everything has been edited, and you have your pages — how you go from that to something you get to hold in your hand. I knew it was through a printer, but I didn’t really know what that really entailed. Part of the reason that it took so very long to launch the Kickstarter is that there was a huge education that I personally had to undergo and that we collectively had to understand what the paper stocks were, what the bindings were, how the covers work, how the end papers work. All of this — how the book was going to be put together, what the differences are in various types of production, what the options are. I know more now than I did six months ago!" 4 out of 5