Saturday, May 04, 2013

Mansfield Park and Mummies 1-3 - Vera Nazarian

"The subtle influence of the Mummy grew and grew. With time, as it dreamed of its ancient beloved land, and the house came to be filled with the very items that surrounded him three thousand years ago, it began to call upon others of its kind, and hence, more crates, more deliveries, more other mummies. A certain other minor amulet liberated from its supernaturally protected case unleashed a rather unrelated local beast spirit—local to Britain and of the lupine variety—which immediately took possession of the first unoccupied human being who happened to be Mrs. Norris, creeping up the stairs to the attic where Lady Bertram (occupied by the Mummy’s powerful influence and therefore not an option herself) stood mesmerized, opening and activating items at random, including that fateful amulet." 3.5 out of 5