Thursday, May 02, 2013

Interview with Co-President of Evil Hat Productions LLC - Fred Hicks

"Well, let’s just jump right in, I suppose—how did you and Jim meet and how was the DFRPG born? I met Jim online many, many years ago on a text-only RPG server, called AmberMUSH, based on the Amber novels by Roger Zelazny. Honestly, I met most of my good, long-term adult friends by MUSHing my way through my college years. It’s no coincidence a number of them are authors (including novelist C.E. Murphy, and game designers Rob Donoghue and Cam Banks). Through some semi-related circumstances, I found myself living in Oklahoma in the mid-90′s pursuing (then abandoning) a graduate degree. Turned out Jim was living only about an hour’s drive south of where I was, and he invited me down for weekend geekery and gamery. Right around then, he had a draft for a novel about a wizard that he was working on for his novel-writing coursework at Oklahoma University. I still remember the sound of the dot-matrix printer grinding that one out…" 4 out of 5