Sunday, May 19, 2013

Forbeck: The Interview - Matt Forbeck

Fiction Depot: My favorite event was the Live-Action and Life-Size version of Robo Rally. I played many a rounds when I attended. Do you have a favorite game or event that you always try to play? What about your kids, do they have favorites? Matt Forbeck: My schedule's too jammed for regular games, but my favorite event these days is the True Dungeon. It's a live-action version of Dungeons & Dragons that's played in a series of chambers built into a gigantic hall at the convention, and it's amazing fun. I last played two years ago in a VIP session with Monte Cook, Mike Selinker, Colin McComb, and a slew of other great gamers. My eldest son Marty also joined us. We got slaughtered but had a ball. 4 out of 5