Friday, May 03, 2013

1986: The British Invasion Part 2: Grant Morrison in 1986: Superman and Captain Britain - Peter Sanderson

The last installment examined Grant Morrison’s early, partly comedic Batman prose story, “The Stalking,” which was published in the United Kingdom in 1986. In the 1986 British Superman Annual Grant Morrison did another text story, “Osgood Kennedy’s Big Green Dream Machine,” this one illustrated by Barry Kitson and Jeff Anderson. As the title may suggest, this is ultimately another comedy. A scientist named Osgood Kennedy meets with a group of criminals and tells them that his new invention is the key to defeating Superman. His “dream machine” will allow them to look into Superman’s dreams and thereby discover how to destroy him. Kennedy may be brilliant, but he is hardly as sinister a figure as Luthor or Brainiac. Morrison depicts him as a somewhat comical nerd: for one thing, he has a nervous stammer. In order to get his dream machine to work on Superman, Kennedy explains he had to surreptitiously plant a microtransmitter on Superman’s cape. (As in “The Stalking,” Morrison’s Superman makes lots of public appearances, it seems.) One criminal, outraged, asks, “’And what makes you think Superman sleeps in his costume? Do you sleep in your lab coat?’" 3.5 out of 5