Friday, April 26, 2013

Who DOESN'T want to play a Stage Magician? - J. B. Blackrazor

"The Cape is a friggin' stage magician...not in the Criss Angel/Mind Freak sense, but in the straight-up Palladium Heroes Unlimited sense. Contortionist, flash powder, fancy clothing gimmicks, knife catching, etc. It's all there. Which is great, of course. I've written before about my love for Heroes Unlimited, specifically for its way of doing gritty, street-level superhero action in an "old-school" (read: "wargaming" as opposed to "narrative driven") fashion. The stage magician is one of the "power types" (read: "class") of superheroes available to the HU player. It is a class that is almost NEVER taken. At least, the one time I ever saw someone want to play a stage magician, it was my brother who just trying to be a funny asshole in an attempt to "ruin" (read: "make comedic") the game for Yours Truly." 4 out of 5