Friday, April 26, 2013

Strength Doctrines - J. B. Blackrazor

"But I don't want to talk about HU's failings...I want to talk about its strengths. - granular superhero action from street level all the way up to Bronze Age Thor with minimal effort (i.e. Champions or GURPS could do it with hours of prep, sure...I don't want to do that work; not my idea of "fun"). - in-game experience having a measurable impact on character effectiveness without affecting the actual power level of super characters. - emphasis, not on combat, but on performing heroic activities (linked to reward system, i.e. influencing character behavior). - a fearless approach to superhero archetypes including distinct mechanics for handling physical superpowers versus psionics versus magical abilities versus robotics versus special training. - and, of course, the three-tier strength system that, with minimal tweaking, can model most anything in the comics or live action film (television cartoon? no...go get Cartoon Action Hour if you want the Superfriends or something). - a combat system that actually feels a bit like the slow-motion, frame-by-frame of the comic action sequence." 4 out of 5