Monday, April 29, 2013

Shifting Reality 1 - Patty Jansen

"Nine heart rate monitors increased their soft beeping. Nine heartbeats in perfect unison. Melati loved that moment when heartbeats synchronised for the first time. Some people believed it was the moment a construct cohort truly came alive, and the nine children became aware, thinking humans. Forty beats per minute. Nine brain activity sensors recorded spikes of activity. Nine pairs of hands twitched. Chests went up-down-up-down in increasing frequency. In her mind, Melati already saw these boys in her classroom. Young Grimshaw constructs were usually boisterous, couldn’t sit still, couldn’t stop talking, had to do stuff with their hands— Fifty beats per minute. Data streamed across the screen, large blocks of mindbase code, in verb-noun shorthand, organised in neat blocks of lines roughly the same length. " 4 out of 5