Monday, April 29, 2013

RPG Haven Podcast episode 13 an interview with the creators of Diaspora - Brad Murray and C.W. Marshall and Tim Dyke

"Ryan and I interview Brad Murray, C.W. (Toph) Marshall and Tim Dyke, 3 of the 4 creators of the ENnie-award winning, FATE-based, hard sci-fi RPG Diaspora. It’s a lively a conversation indeed! The interview went long and we touch on many interesting topics. These guys having interesting and intelligent things to say about self-publishing, the future of text distribution, their game design methods, their gaming history, products they are working on, the gaming community, their relationship with Evil Hat and the paperback version of Diaspora that is going into distribution. They also share for the first time the well-kept secret of the first Diaspora PDF! The VSCA (whose initials are also revealed for the first time!) keep rigorous records of their playtesting and design process, from the early days of their SotC/Traveller Hack Spirit of the Far Future to their current projects, which are manifold." 5 out of 5