Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meet a Geek: Fantastic-Story Collector - Gardner Dozois

"Isaac Asimov was arguably, for a time, the most influential science-fiction author in America—and under your editorship, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine was arguably the most influential sf magazine. In the new media era, do you think any one entity will ever again have the same singular impact on the field that either Asimov or Asimov’s did? When I first started editing a Year’s Best volume, in the ‘70s, the job was pretty straightforward—there were three or four monthly magazines to read and a few original anthologies from trade publishers every year. Now, it seems like there’s a new electronic magazine coming along every five minutes, to say nothing of anthologies from small-press publishers, anthologies from really small-presses, podcast anthologies, Kickstarter anthologies ... Not only has this made my job more difficult, it’s also diffused the genre. Used to be, everybody read everthing; now, there are so many different markets in so many different mediums, that I don’t think one particular market is ever going to be able to be that dominant again. 3 out of 5