Monday, April 29, 2013

Machinations of the Space Princess: Final Playtest Draft - James Desborough

Another game I wish I had as a kid, along with Stars Without Number. Machinations one-ups the former in terms of classes, adding 'Scholar' to the analogues of the three comprising Expert, Killer and Psion. Also another d20 D&D family of games. Aliens have hit points, ships have really, really big hit points. Saving throws, etc. It is setting light, with a backdrop of 99 space princesses on the wall fighting over the Urlanth succession. Basically a science fantasy of disreputable rogue occasional heroes. Out to kill aliens (depending on their viewpoint) and take their stuff. Then blow the loot in bars. Repeat with own species. Or that is the general vibe. If Cobra from Space Adventure Cobra was a GM, this would be his game, no doubt. Also, a game about violent, low rent substance abusers should be funny. The text is indeed funny. Probably be more so once the final is done, along with some nifty looking artwork. An OGL production it says, so FATE version coming up? This game is very entertaining. Gear prices, species creation and quirks, plot idea tables, planet generation [including religion and politics] for some fun, quick old-school gaming without the stinky starchy smell of Traveller militaries. Definitely sits happily along Bulldogs in the 'dodgy people boogie through space' subgenre. With or without captains. It also includes a short adventure, where, naturally, you get into a fight in a bar. 4.5 out of 5