Sunday, April 21, 2013

Interview with VSCA Publishing - Brad Murray

"MT: Tell us about Diaspora. BM: Diaspora is a hard science fiction game modeled on old school Traveller, but using the more liberal narrative tools in the FATE system. It is not designed to deliver play within a specific setting but rather delivers setting implicitly through the rules and through the setting creation system that brings character and setting development together in one creative session that is plenty fun all by itself. The conflict subsystems are divided into multiple modules specifically crafted to deliver exactly the kind of experience we want for each type of conflict. In abandoning the idea of unified mechanism (though it is all FATE at the core) we also find that each module is playable as a wargame on it's own, entirely absent any role playing context. MT: What sets Diaspora apart from other hard science fiction games? BM: Diaspora targets the toolkit gamer that wants maximum creative control over the subject of the game while still having the guidance and structure of a proven system. This was the reason Traveller resonated for us in 1978 and nothing has really managed to improve upon it for us since. So we did it ourselves." 4.5 out of 5