Thursday, April 18, 2013

INTERVIEW: Team Up on Kickstarter! - Greg Pak and Jonathan Coulton

"Steve: Code Monkey Save World sees you adapting Jonathan Coulton’s music into an original graphic novel. How did you first become aware of Jonathan? And how did this project get started? Greg Pak: Jonathan and I went to college together, so I’ve known about his musical genius for decades. And a few years ago, I became aware of his amazing “Thing a Week” project, for which he wrote a song every week and released it on the internet for a year. So I bought all of Jonathan’s music a couple of years ago and have been listening to these songs time and time again on my iPhone. And at a certain point I realized all of these songs featured fantastic characters — monsters and villains particularly. I got on the Twitter and joked with Jonathan about making a super-villain team-up comic book starring his characters. And he tweeted back, “DO IT.”" 4.5 out of 5