Friday, April 26, 2013

Am I the Only One that thinks Hawkeye is a Wuss? - J. B. Blackrazor

"Well, regardless, I am a fan of Green Arrow...and NOT a fan of Marvel's Hawkeye. His "make-over" in the Ultimate comics was fairly cool...until he somehow got turned into a "Bullseye-Hawkeye" combo. I've said before that the writers of the Ultimates comic series appear to be familiar with the Heroes Unlimited RPG, as all their versions of classic superheroes could be made using the HU rules. "Ultimate Hawkeye" is a perfect example of the Ancient Weapon Master class (available in the Powers Unlimited 2 book). But killing people with one's own ripped-off fingernails is a little over-the-top...even for a Palladium game!" 3.5 out of 5