Friday, April 26, 2013

AICN COMICS takes a look at the classic RPG VILLAINS AND VIGILANTES and chats with creators - Jack Herman and Jeff Dee

"JD: I’d toyed with RPG design a bit before V&V. One early idea was a game inspired by Land of the Giants where mouse-aliens had shrunk everyone on Earth to the size of action figures. Another was a science fiction game with random alien generation – an element that survived to some degree in V&V’s random power tables. I remember that the idea for V&V first came up during an argument Jack and I had, over whether Spider-Man or the Human Torch was more powerful. We decided to game it out, and to do that we needed to write some rules. For that first battle we only needed descriptions of powers for those two characters, and we swiped the combat mechanics from Empire of the Petal Throne. I honestly can’t recall which of us ran which character, or who won. But that battle became our ‘proof of concept’, which brought it home to us that a superhero RPG was something that could actually really work. superhero: Can you talk about the early development of V & V? How did you pull it together? JH: We had endless discussions of how superpowers actually worked and how they should be portrayed on the basic game mechanics level. We had to approach everything you've ever seen in any superhero comic--or could ever imagine seeing--from the point of view that it all made sense and that it all followed a central set of rules. It was a really interesting long-term free-form logical exercise." 5 out of 5