Thursday, March 07, 2013

Discuss The Evolution of BOOM! - Robert Richie and Filip Sablik

"One thing we didn't really unpack at the panel was the notion that when we do original content with creators at the company, we partner. That came from Keith Giffen. When he was talking me into starting this company, he wanted a home for his original projects. He was one of my heroes, and he said, "Ross, I'm going to have 50% ownership, and you're going to have 50% ownership. You've got to care about whether this succeeds or doesn't. You have to be invested with me. If there's a day when one of these things gets turned into a movie, we get to walk down the red carpet together." Now for me with Steven Grant and "2 Guns," when the option was bought by the studio financiers and greenlit, I went to the agency and sat in the lobby and waited for Steven's check. I had my assistant call up Steven where he lives in Vegas, and I had her tell a little white lie. I said, "Tell him I'm in Vegas at one of the casinos for a few days if he wants to have dinner." He agreed, and I got the plane ticket that day, flew to Vegas and had that dinner. That's when I gave him the check. When you're partners you can do that instead of it being "A company got over on the creator." I'm a huge Jack Kirby fan. I own Jack Kirby original art. I have Jack Kirby's autograph on many things that I have. And the way that fandom feels about him not seeing the fruits of his labor, I don't want to be that guy screwing creators from participating in the success of their original creations. It's the partnership that does that." 4 out of 5