Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby: On What Made Doctor Strange Unique The Penultimate Part - Colin Smith

"Of all Marvel’s headlining protagonists, it was Doctor Strange who was consistently shown improving his abilities through academic study. Iron Man was often shown upgrading his armor, while Giant Man would eventually adopt a hysterical regime of physical improvement, but only Strange was perpetually lost to a life of exhausting study which constantly served to increase his powers. (Peter Parker was also regularly shown bent over his homework, but that was little to do with fighting evil.) The Marvel Universe was always home by a class of technological genii, forever developing more and more improbable examples of super-science. Yet, the likes of Reed Richards and Tony Stark were rarely if ever shown wearily bent over a textbook. (The Thing would joke about Richards’ love of pouring over theory, but the evidence of that was rarely to be seen.) The super-brains arrived fully trained, and their various amazing inventions – from Cerebro to Jump Jets – seem to be generated more through physical improvisation than intellectual application. Charles Xavier and Henry Pym were far more likely to be shown as makers rather than thinkers, operators than scholars, and they seemed far closer to miracle-working mechanics than masters of scientific theory." 4 out of 5’t-earned-it-yet-baby-on-what-made-doctor-strange-unique-the-penultimate-part/