Friday, February 22, 2013

Wayne's Books RPG Reference - Wayne's Books

The Waynes Books RPG Reference Mission This is my ever-expanding Reference of Role Playing Games (RPGs). In earlier days, I called this site Krakow RPGs and Wayne's World of Books, but I have since settled on Wayne's Books. I sell science fiction (sci-fi) & fantasy books, but my passion is the world of games. RPGs are both book and game. This site is where I post documentation of games I've sold, seen, or learned of due to your helpful emails. For many obscure games, this may be their only photo and summary available on the web. I focus on pre-2000, out of print RPGs and board games that can be so hard to find now. Most of the game entries have a link to the item for sale at the Amazon Marketplace. There, you can view new and used games for sale by me -- "waynes books" -- or from any one of thousands of Amazon sellers, knowing that ALL purchases are backed by Amazon's ironclad A-to-Z- Guarantee. Amazon gives me a small percentage for each item - whether from me or another seller - purchased through links from here. There is NO extra cost to you, the customer. Think of it as a website donation, but you don't have to pay for it. It keeps the site free from outside advertising. ...and, no, I don't have every one of these games in stock at the moment. I wish I did! 5 out of 5