Monday, February 25, 2013

The Geek's Guide To the Galaxy Interview - Mike Mignola

"But Hellboy has become a big commercial success. So do you think the concept actually was more commercial than you gave it credit for? Oh, well certainly it’s been much more commercial than either of us ever imagined, I’m sure. I mean, the funniest question I get from people is, “How did you come up with this commercial franchise?” Well, first off, if you’re looking to come up with a commercial franchise, chances are you’re not going to call it “Hellboy.” You know, it does limit its potential as a Saturday morning cartoon and as a toy that can be sold in Toys-R-Us. I mean, I thought the name was cute and funny. What I guess I wasn’t prepared for is how many people would really have trouble with the word “hell.” So yeah, it’s completely a fluke. It’s just that for whatever reason the comic was appealing to comics people. It appealed to a broader audience maybe than a lot of the regular comics I was doing. Suddenly I found out I had a lot more women reading the book. I’m not sure why. Maybe because he’s not a superhero, maybe because he’s written a little bit more with some humor and he’s a little bit more of a regular guy, so it’s just kind of funny that he looks like the devil but he talks—kind of, I hope, I think—like a regular guy. And then certainly you’ve got to give a lot of credit to the movie. I got really lucky that a very, very talented director [Guillermo del Toro] happened to be a big fan of the comic." 4 out of 5