Monday, February 25, 2013

STORM DOGS: A CSI Noir Thriller Western in Space - David Hine

"Nrama: What's the basic premise of the story as readers start this journey with the characters? Hine: On the edges of the known universe, there’s a planet called Amaranth. It’s home to a couple of intelligent native species called the Elohi and the Joppa. They have a sophisticated social structure but are not technologically advanced, so they have protected status. That means no highly advanced technology can be used on the planet, so when there are mysterious deaths among the miners working on Amaranth, the Federal Union that polices the member states sends in a specialist crime investigation team who have to fall back on primitive techniques to solve the murders. Once they start digging they find that there are all kinds of dirty secrets waiting to be unearthed and that no one is innocent. 
Nrama: So you're basically stripping these characters of their accoutrements. Is that symbolic, since, knowing you, I have a feeling they'll be "stripped" psychologically too? Hine: The story is set way into the future and clearly the technology would be so advanced that if this crime had happened on a more advanced planet the whole story would have revolved around the science. What interested me was to take this group of people out of their comfort zone and force them to rely on their wits. You’re quite correct in guessing that this will remove a lot of the protection of being part of a universal community and force them to ruthlessly examine themselves. " 4.5 out of 5