Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Secret Wars Crisis on Infinite Earths and the Development of the Universe-Wide Crossover - Julian Darius

"While Crisis on Infinite Earths was DC’s first universe-wide crossover, there’s some dispute over whether it was the first in comics. The answer largely depends on one’s definitions. Whatever one thinks about this, one shouldn’t pretend that the format of Crisis on Infinite Earths was created out of whole cloth by Marv Wolfman and DC Comics. But to understand the evolution of this odd, or at least rather particular, form of narrative, we have to examine the publishing history of DC’s rival, Marvel Comics. There, the crossover evolved much more organically than it did at DC. And it’s important to remember that, while the two companies are rivals, they have often responded to one another, most frequently by adapting the tone, format, or other elements of one another’s successes. It’s not too much to say that this constitutes a kind of evolving dialogue – sometimes friendly, sometimes contentious – about how to run a line of super-hero comics." 4 out of 5