Thursday, February 28, 2013

Risky Rich: The Mythopoetry of Kobolds - Kamikaze Midget

"For me, what sets apart the kobolds is that they are representations of the dangers of mining and being underground. The poisonous gases? The sudden collapses or pitfalls? The illness, the soot, the fiery explosions? "Accidents?" Maybe. But in a world of magic, there is often a will and a force behind the arbitrary. There are people who do these things to us. This is the mischief of kobolds. Kobolds are miners. ...and they let no bit of copper or hunk of iron go without a great wail, and, likely, a painful retribution. Never a fight, though. Cowardly and weak, a kobold's only recourse is a passive-aggressive pathology. They scurry from combat, whimper in fear of pain, and seek easy leisure quickly, but, when deprived of these things, the kobolds become bitter, spiteful, and cruel. They will not kill the interlopers, but they will make sure the interlopers meet a horrible end." 4 out of 5