Thursday, February 28, 2013

Obskures: An interview with the Night’s Black Top Agent - Ken Hite

" Finally, what is your favorite game product you have done so far? What is your first and favorite gaming product in general? Kenneth Hite: Of the books I’ve done so far, it might be BOOKHOUNDS OF LONDON, or NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS, or DAY AFTER RAGNAROK. I’m also very, very fond of my Last Unicorn original-series STAR TREK RPG corebook, and of GURPS HORROR. My “first and favorite gaming product” is always going to be Sandy Petersen’s CALL OF CTHULHU. I bought, as I like to say, the first copy sold in Oklahoma in 1981, and I have been playing it almost ever since — my current game group is a bunch of cowards, though. I’ve been reading Lovecraft since I was eleven or so; he has never stopped being terrifying. My TRAIL OF CTHULHU is a love-letter to Sandy’s design and Lovecraft’s world." 4 out of 5