Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ICONS - Steve Kenson

Another superhero riffing off the 4CS FASERIP idea (or Marvel Super Heroes) but the former is the public domain source that is usable. Here, rather than a universal table idea it goes a but Fudge dicey and rolls one die minus the second die to get a -5 to +5 range and uses that. Not a bad idea. Also uses the idea of Aspects from FATE something that I think works really well with a looser rules lighter game. Marvel's karma gave awards for acting like the character was supposed too, etc. and this takes that further. So good idea. The Open Source version here is a little less crunchy than Bulletproof Blues and is generic with no setting as such. Also uses six characteristics with a different health/stamina idea rather than BB's 8. So averaging those you again get 4CS. Again at PDF available at DriveThruRPG as well which would appear to be rather longer. 4 out of 5