Monday, February 25, 2013

Ian Tregillis in conversation on The Laundry Files with - Charlie Stross

"Charlie: That was the idea a book or two ago – a 9 book series with CNG fairly explicitly arriving in book 5. Except, it doesn’t. I realised partway through THE FULLER MEMORANDUM that the original deadline for CNG would have actually passed by the time the book came out, so I retconned a fix: CNG now covers a seventy year period, and by book 5, THE RHESUS CHART (forthcoming, Orbit, 2014 (I hope!)), we’ll be 3-4 years into it. Things are slowly getting weirder and weirder, after the manner of the proverb about turning up the heat under a pan with a frog sitting in it. Books 5 and 6 happen during the early stages of CNG; I’m now thinking in terms of book 7 being where it very visibly arrives with a bang. But doubtless I’ll change my mind before I write it . . . !" 4 out of 5