Friday, February 01, 2013

Gotta Loeb Batman: Batman and Synergy in Hush - Stuart Warren

" In the introduction to Hush, Loeb recounts an incident of his father’s tenacity to get the right colors out of their brand new RCA color television, the first of it’s kind. The story emphasizes not only the experience and nostalgia of the original Golden Age mythos in its most vivid form, but the replication of the vibrant comicbook palate onto a new artistic medium. Jim Lee’s artistry, though stylized and disparaging even to the most contoured of Hefner’s Playmates, brings Batman out of the darkness, and suits well the story that Loeb has to tell. The result of the two’s collaboration presents the reader with a Batman in synergy with reinvented and re-purposed characters to create an oddly new experience for both readership and the Dark Knight. Its an opera packed with star studded villains and anti-heroes, of caliber to the liking of Thomas Wayne himself, with even a tragic ending suited for the plot." 4 out of 5