Friday, February 22, 2013

Geekerati Radio: Lone Wolf Development Talks Hero Lab and Realm Works - Christian Lindke

Plus other bits and pieces! " Lone Wolf Development is one of the longest lasting support software providers in the gaming industry. The company's first digital offering, Army Builder, revolutionized miniature war gaming by providing a robust and simple tool that has now benefitted generations of gamers. Following on the success of that initial product, Lone Wolf designed Hero Lab a cutting edge character creation software package that could be used with a variety of RPGs. We will talk with Colen McAlister about the challenges of designing a program that could work with a wide variety of systems. What were the challenges programmers faced in designing a flexible program architecture? Now Lone Wolf Development is tackling the most difficult challenge in gaming, providing a robust software suite for game masters with their Realm Works project. We look forward to hearing about this new tool, how it can be supported, and how its uses might extend beyond hobby gaming." 4.5 out of 5