Monday, February 25, 2013

Fudge Transhuman Space - Loic Prot

"Why Fudge THS ? Mainly because I don't like GURPS as a game system, although I love the THS setting. So I needed to adapt it to a system I prefer. I chose Fudge because I like Fudge :-) . I know it can sound stupid to try to adapt a crunchy system like GURPS with a Hard-Science setting like THS to a dumb-stupid system like Fudge. But I wanted to see if this was doable. I let you judge. A complete system: I wanted not just to adapt GTHS to Fudge, where basically you have GTHS running in the background and Fudge as a front layer (a bit like DOS running behind Win98). I wanted to have a complete independent system, and I designed my own way, which is not necessarily the Fudge way or the GURPS way. Therefore I don't simply use the GURPS Attributes, Skills and Advantages/Disadvantages system, I chose to design my own list of Attributes, Skills and Gifts & Faults. Of course FTHS is strongly inspired by GTHS - through the free GURPS Lite (pdf) ruleset, so the GTHS aficionados won't be totally lost. Complete GTHS to FTHS Conversion guidelines are provided. I also mixed the THS setting with some personal ideas & adaptations which are clearly signalled by the sign. Warning: you cannot play Fudge THS without having the GURPS THS books for the setting, and lots of terms from GTHS are directly used here without further explanation. But you can always use FTHS stand-alone as a set of SF RPG rules to adapt the setting of your choice. Some credits: thanks to Tim Hall and his GURPS to Fudge Conversion guidelines, to David Bruns' various additional rules. Some conventions: THS mean "TransHuman Space", GTHS means "GURPS TransHuman Space", FTHS means "Fudge TransHuman Space". PC means Player Character, NPC means Non-Player Character, GM means Game Master, ODF means Offensive Damage Factor, DDF means Defensive Damage Factor, PD means Passive Defence. Page reference like "TSXX" refer to the soft-cover GTHS mainbook; FW is for Fifth Wave, DB for Deep Beyond, ITW for In The Well, PF for Personnal Files. Oh, and sorry for Americans: all units are converted to Metric System..." 3.5 out of 5