Thursday, February 28, 2013

Digital Comics Publisher Breaks Away From the Print Model by Heading Back to Print - Graeme McMillan

"But Baker says the differences they’ve discovered between print and digital also include the most fundamental ideas about how comic books sell. “The digital model is completely different than the [print comic book] direct market…. It’s almost backward.” Unlike print, where sales of print comics tend to decline over the run of a series after its issue no. 1 debut, she says, the numbers for digital comics actually go up. ”Say you have issue 5 of Edison Rex [coming out]…. You have a certain number [of sales] for the new issue, but that also spikes sales of the fourth issue, and no. 3, no. 2 and no. 1 in that month. Basically, people are finding the book for the first time because the new issue has come out.” MonkeyBrain Co-Founders Allison Baker and Chris Roberson The key difference is that unlike print releases where earlier issues often sell out or become more difficult to find, digital makes “back issues” permanently available at the click of a button, allowing new readers to jump on and read the first issue of a series or storyline at any point." 4 out of 5