Monday, February 25, 2013

Comics Anonymous talks to - David Hine

"Hine has managed to stay relatively tight lipped on Storm Dogs plot details, but I did manage to get some information out of him around the type of thing we can expect to see in the book. There’s quite a complex story. We have a structure that is very long term but we’ve also worked out the smaller arcs that will be covering each of the six issue seasons. We don’t really want to talk too much about the plot now but it’s basically an investigation into mysterious deaths on this planet, which is like a frontier planet. The idea is that although we’re in the future and technology has developed, because the planet is protected and the indigenous population is protected, they are very limited in the kind of technology that they can use on the planet. They have levels of technology up to ten and they can only use level four technology so they’re having to learn to deal with a hostile environment on a much more human level, rather than by depending on technology. You’ve got this kind of retro feel at the same time, it s a real kind of mash up… I wouldn’t put it into a single genre… it’s convenient to call it science fiction or a thriller or a science fiction noir but at the same there are elements of all kinds of others as well. We originally pitched it as CSI in space. " 4 out of 5