Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bulletproof Blues - Brandon Blackmoor

A well-done and lower complexity superhero game, with a built in Kalos comics universe to use if you desire. It has ranks from 1-14 in a similar if less colorful manner to TSR Marvel Superheroes but uses a 2d6+skill number roll versus a difficulty target as a resolution mechanic instead. Fans of the former would like it I think, and could nick the skills list or resolution mechanics and give them a shot with MSH if they felt like it. It includes tables of what each rank number means for a particular ability (or substance, for breaking stuff). Motivation for the game was wanting to be able to use serious superheroes like The Authority and Planetary and hadn't found a game that would suit exactly, so did one. Didn't actually like the existing Authority game presumably. :) Maybe too brutal? Anyway, superhero game fans should definitely take a look. There's a pdf at drivethrurpg too. 4 out of 5