Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BAMF Podcast -- Bulletproof Blues 2012-02-08 - Brandon Blackmoor

" Brandon: I want enough detail so that if I reasonably come and an occurrence came up, that I or some G.M. somewhere wouldn't make a judgment call every single time on reasonably common things. Like how far can I throw a car? I'm this strong, how far can I throw a car? So some very basic stuff. I've got this much power in my fire flight form. How fast is that? Is it faster than a jet plane? Is it faster than a car? How fast it that? Things like that. Not rocket science by any means. There are several games that are at the very, very, fast and loose narrative, you're as fast as the story needs you to be arena. Then there's at the other end, you've got games that are very detailed as far as that kind of thing goes. More detailed than Bulletproof Blues is. Mutants and Masterminds is a perfect example, there's lots and lots of detail there. As much as you want. It's a great game, I've played it, it's an awesome game, I love it. And then past that there are games like Champions which are even more detailed. In between that range between the Bash Icons level and Mutants and Masterminds level, I wanted something a little bit crunchier then the Icons level but not as crunchy as Mutants and Masterminds. Something faster to play, not as complex or time consuming to do conflict resolution, but with more tools to provide to swing the character around and have a handle on what kind of interactions characters can do with each other and with the world, then you typically get with the very minimalist level superhero games. It's weird, I've actually been working on this since before either of the games I'm using as examples were written. It just so happens that it falls in that spot between them. " 4 out of 5