Thursday, January 03, 2013

T'was the Season for Li'l Santa - Augie de Blieck

"WAS 2012 THE YEAR OF THE CREATOR? A year ago this week, I wrote a Pipeline titled "2012: The Rise of the Creator?" It wasn't exactly a trailblazing editorial. It wasn't the biggest leap in logic. It just followed all of the tides that were rising at that point in the comics industry. It correctly predicted that Image Comics would be the "Comics Publisher of the Year" for 2012. DC stumbled after initial success with the New 52. Marvel is having a bit of a changing of the guard with its creators right now, but had some great successes in its publishing program. Problem is, it feels like more of the same old, same old. Image pumped out a string of surprise hits and welcomed in a series of new projects from new names, or names that had since gone on to Marvel and DC and were now returning." 4 out of 5