Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Wild: Prelude - Linda Nagata

"And after all, Jahallon didn’t know this land. He’d never visited the Citadel of the Snow Chanter, even though the bitter history that had kept him away was long since crumbled to dust. On this, his first journey into the heart of Samokea, he relied on a senior captain to guide the column, but Lanyon could see he had his own doubts. “You’re listening to Siddél’s thunder?” he asked her. “Why does it lie behind us? Should we believe the monster has gone south to trouble Habaddon? Or is it more likely Siddél cleaves to custom, growling and threatening from the escarpment of the Tiyat-kel where no arrows can reach him? He can be heard there almost every afternoon from the ramparts of the Citadel. But that is not all. My horse remembers her home. She fights to turn north . . . or what I think is north. I’m certain we’re not going north now. We have lost our way.”" 4 out of 5