Friday, January 18, 2013

The History of RuneQuest - Peter Maranci

"Chaos continued to be the single defining hallmark of the RuneQuest system. In 2010, Mongoose Publishing released a new version of their RuneQuest system under the name "RuneQuest 2" - which nonetheless was not the classic RuneQuest II system under which RuneQuest became famous in the 1980s, but rather a revision of Mongoose's first take on RuneQuest. By most accounts these rules were an improvement on the original Mongoose RQ system. And Mongoose did acknowledge the original creators of the RuneQuest system in their new edition. But in any case, and for reasons unknown, Mongoose Publishing and Issaries parted ways in June of 2011. With that split, publication of all versions of RuneQuest by Mongoose ceased. Except not quite! Mongoose retains the copyright to their own version of the RuneQuest rules (albeit not the trademark to the RuneQuest name, which remains with Issaries), and have announced that they will be publishing those rules as the "Wayfarer" RPG, later changed to the "Legend" RPG since it turned out that "Wayfarer" was already trademarked. They've also announced plans to convert a number of their other RPGs to the Legend system, including their Eternal Champion games. None of these systems include Gloranthan material, of course, since the rights to Glorantha remain with Issaries. Issaries did not immediately announce any plans for the RuneQuest trademark. However, there were now even more versions of the RuneQuest system than ever on the market - although a family tree showing the relationships between them would be very difficult to diagram." 5 out of 5