Friday, January 11, 2013

The Amazing Adventures of E.E. Doc Smith - Andrew Liptak

"Smith would find further acclaim with his Lensman series. After taking a year off to revitalize a doughnut business, he returned in 1936 with an 80 page outline, which would eventually become four novels. Astounding editor F. Orlin Tremaine offered to buy up the series, and The Galactic Patrol, featuring an intergalactic police force, tasked with protecting the galactic civilization appeared in the September, 1937, where it ran through February of the next year. Several more Lensman stories would appear, but Smith had set his sights on another story, the Vortex Blaster, which he sold to Tremaine, who had moved on to a new science fiction magazine, Comet, which resulted in some tension between him and Astounding’s editor, John W. Campbell. During World War II he worked with manufacturing explosives for the war effort, but was later fired. Returning to the doughnut industry, he eventually retired as a Chemist in 1957, continuing to write the entire time. " 3.5 out of 5